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Thank you for visiting. Are you looking to buy or sell a house? Are you fed-up with your under-performing real estate agent? I’m at your service. I’m a Texas Realtor serving home buyers and sellers in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Let me take you through a home buying or selling experience you deserve. Looking forward to working with you. Let’s do it!

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Services include helping residential home buyers and sellers, home investors, and distressed homeowners who are facing foreclosure or short sale. I also work with first time home buyers to accomplish their first home ownership goals. Connect with me and let’s get started. 

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What happens When Home buyers and Sellers Don’t Have Agent

When home buyers and sellers decide to not hire an agent, they have to perform the duties of the agent. All the agent’s duties become the responsibilities of the seller or buyer. If selling a house, the seller is responsible for listing, marketing, setting up showings and open house for the house. Seller will also have to provide all the necessary paperwork for the transaction, negotiate price, and work with buyer’s agent.

If buying a house, the buyer will also assume the duties of the real estate agent. Buyer submits offers, negotiates contract and price, coordinate inspection, appraisal, and handle all associated legal tasks of buying the house. If the buyer doesn’t have the knowledge of real estate transactions, this can be overwhelming. However, it’s possible for buyers or sellers to do without an agent and represent themselves, but it is time consuming. It is also risky. This is because a small mistake could land the seller or buyer in court, and can cost thousands of dollars. Therefore, it is recommended that home buyers and sellers engage a real estate agent for their real estate transactions. 

What Real Estate Agents Do For Home Buyers

When a home buyer hires a real estate agent to help them buy a house, the agent becomes the buyer’s agent. Buyer signs a buyer agreement with the agent, authorizing the agent to represent the buyer. The agent searches and locates the house for the buyer based on the buyer’s needs and requirements. Depending on the housing market, the search may involve searching online and in Multiple Listing Service, among other methods. 

Buyer agent may require the buyer to show proof of mortgage loan approval by way of pre-approval letter. This is important because the agent would want to surf out non-serious buyers. Pre-approval letter shows the agent and home seller that the buyer is serious and ready to buy. Therefore, home buyers are advised to have their pre-approval letter ready before they start house hunting.

Once they find the house the buyer likes, the agent prepares the contract and submits the offer to the seller. If there are things to be negotiated throughout the buying process, the agent does that on behalf of the buyer.

Real estate agents also help co-ordinate home inspections and appraisals. In addition, the agent guides the buyer through the contract and other documents necessary for buying the house. From signing of the buyer agreement to closing, the agent is the contact for all parties involved in the transaction.

Therefore, as explained above, agents play very important role in real estate transactions. As a result, home buyers can’t afford to do without them.

What Real Estate Agents Do For Home Sellers

When a homeowner hires a real estate agent to sell their house, the agent becomes their listing agent. Home seller signs a listing agreement with the agent. In this agreement, seller authorizes the agent to represent the seller, list, market and sell the house. Real estate agents are trained in real estate transactions. So, they are able to advice the seller in home selling activities and process. The agent provides home seller with unbiased valuation of the house and help them set the listing price. Agents are up to date with the housing market. So they can provide the seller with current housing market conditions.

The agent also markets the home, including listing it in the Multiple Listing Service, advertising online or newspapers. Marketing the house can also be by conducting open house, networking with other agents, and a host other methods.

It is important to know that not every prospective home buyer is a serious buyer. So, agents help home sellers screen home buyers to eliminate the non-serious ones. If this task was to be performed by sellers, they will be overwhelmed by it, opening themselves up for problems. Listing agents also prepare contracts and associated documents, submit them accordingly, and coordinate with third parties. In addition, they help home sellers negotiate contract terms, price, and other associated conditions of the home sale.

So, as can be seen, agents are the necessary and important part of home sale and sellers can’t afford to do without them.

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