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Are you renting and are tired of it?
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Become a first time home buyer and enjoy the benefits for first-time home buyers. 

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not sure to buy a home or rent?

Rent payments could easily build equity in your home if you buy. This is because the rent you pay considerably adds up over the years. See the benefits of buying a home chart that shows what happens to your rent money over time. Also, look at rent vs buy below:


  • No deduction on income tax.
  • Rent typically increases each year.
  • No changes without landlord’s approval.
  • No capitalization. This means your money is just gone.
  • Rental is temporary housing and is often subject to 30 days notice.


  • Deductions on your income tax for your mortgage interest paid.
  • Mortgage payments can be fixed.
  • Make changes and decorate as you please without anybody’s approval.
  • Value of your home often increase over time

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Receive a free first time home buyers coaching support on buying your own home

First-time home buyers Advisor and Realtor is ready to help you prepare to buy your own home. Start today to plan buying your own home. Read below to learn how we can help you and if you qualify as a first time home buyer. 

Who is a first time home buyer?

A first-time home buyer is any individual or family who hasn’t owned a home within the last three years. In Texas, even if you previously owned a home but haven’t owned one in the last three years, you are classified as a first-time buyer.

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Buying a home is stressful, particularly for a first-time buyer. There are many things to know, learn and decide on. Most buyers don’t even know where to start, what they need or if they qualify to purchase a home. For a successful home buying experience, first time home buyers need to gather and work with the right information.

To help them navigate the complex process of home purchase, we created the home buyer Advisor plan. The Advisor helps and guides home buyers in homeownership readiness, from preparation to buying.

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First Time Home Buyers Advisor Coaching Plan

The Advisor coaching plan for first time home buyers comes in the following six steps:

Preparation to buy

Provide information to help buyer understand the pros and cons of homeownership, benefits of owning home, and home buying process. Help them understand and meet the necessary home purchase requirements. Most importantly, provide buyer the awareness of the responsibilities that come with home ownership.

Required home buying documents

Help with information or direction in gathering the required documents necessary for buying a house.

Down payment information

Help with information on government-sponsored programs for first-time home buyers, such as down payment assistance, mortgage credit certificate, etc.

Mortgage Lender Selection

Help with mortgage lender selection and awareness on meeting lender-required documents and guidelines.

Shopping for home

Buyer representation, including help finding the ideal home that meets the buyer’s needs and requirements. Provide information on available homes, prices, and other information.

Home Purchase

Buyer representation, including help with information, guidance, interface with seller, and co-coordinating the transaction process. Help with paper work, including negotiating purchase contract, seller required repairs, and other terms.

First thing first

The first step for first time home buyers is to start money savings plan for the home. This will be the money for paying the initial out of pocket expenses or down payment for the home purchase.

First time home buyers Advisor can help:

  • Create a plan
  • Become ready to buy
  • Keep track of your goals
  • Plan to improve your chances of getting loan
  • Plan to save for down payment
  • Plan to get pre-approval letter
  • Select mortgage lender
  • Research first time home buyer assistance programs
  • And more.

Texas First-Time Home Buyer Programs

Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs offer programs for first-time home buyers to assist qualified borrowers in the state of Texas. There are also national loan programs with features that can benefit first-time home buyers. Borrowers can talk to their mortgage lenders about these government programs to see if they qualify.

Government loan programs for first-time home buyers can make the home buying process easier, especially for those with credit issues or those who are unable to save up money for a down payment.

National first-time home buyers loan programs

These loan programs have benefits that may help first time home buyers no matter where they live. The programs include low down payment and credit score requirements.

First-time home buyers can also get a conventional mortgage loan with as little as 3% down payment if certain requirements are met. If buyer puts at least 20% down, they won’t have to pay mortgage insurance. Most mortgage lenders require a minimum 620 credit score for a conventional mortgage loan. However, with a 740 or better credit score they can offer lower interest rates.

Buying a home in Texas - from preparation to closing

e-book buying a house in Texas

Get our FREE 13-page e-book that gives a road map of home buying process in Texas, from preparation to closing. In this e-book, you will learn about: 

  • Becoming ready to buy a house.
  • Choosing a mortgage lender
  • Getting Pre-approval for mortgage loan
  • Searching for home.
  • Making offers
  • And more

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