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House foreclosure problems?

If you are a home owner and you are having any of the following problems, then house foreclosure or trustee sale of your house is knocking at your door:

  • Behind in payments
  • Tax lien or unpaid taxes
  • Bankruptcy
  • Divorce
  • Value of your house less than what you owe
  • And more …
Save your house
from foreclosure
or trustee sale.
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We can help. Call us for a free evaluation of your situation. We have helped many home owners like you get through foreclosure or trustee sale and short sale.  We can help you too. 

Home Owners - Test your house foreclosure risk

  • Have you missed your mortgage payment?
  • If you have not missed your mortgage payment, are you worried you might miss it?
  • Are you experiencing financial hardship due to your mortgage payment increase, loss of job, divorce, medical expenses or other issues?
  • Are you having problems managing your credit card debt?
  • Are you using your credit cards to buy gas and groceries?
  • Is it getting difficult for you to pay your monthly bills on time?

Did you answer yes to all or any of the statements or questions above? If you did, then you may be at risk of losing your house to foreclosure. It is time to plan to save your home.

Sell your house or keep it

Whether you want to save your house and keep it or you prefer to sell it, we can help you accomplish your goal.

  • Fast purchase
  • Fast  and hassle-free closing
  • Cash offer
  • Sell in any condition. Don’t do any repairs.
home owners and foreclosure

When does house foreclosure happen?

House foreclosure happens when a home owner misses house payment three to four months in a row. Homeowners who think they might lose their house typically think they will have enough time to work on saving it. But at the end, they find out they were wrong. By then it is too late to correct their mistakes. Foreclosure doesn’t happen overnight. How it happens depends on the State where the house is located. But in most States, below is how it happens.

How does foreclosure happen?

Foreclosure typically happens in stages, as follows.

Home Owner misses First month payment

Mortgage lender will contact home owner by letter, email or phone.

Second month payment missed

Mortgage lender will call home owner to find out the reason for their non-payment. It is important that homeowner answers or returns lender's call. Explain their situation to the lender and what efforts they are making to resolve it. This time, the homeowner may be able to avoid falling three months behind by making at least one month's payment.

third month payment missed

When the home owner misses the third payment, lender will send them a letter stating the amount they owe. They are usually given 30 days to pay. This letter is called “Demand Letter” or “Notice to Accelerate". If the home owner fails to pay the amount stated or make payment plans, the lender may initiate foreclosure process. When homeowners receive a Demand Letter, it is not likely that the lender will accept less than the amount due. But they can still work out something with the lender. They can also call us for help.

fourth month payment missed

If the non-payment continues, the lender will refer the case to their attorney or Trustee to initiate foreclosure. At this time, the home owner may be responsible for lender's attorney fees as part of the delinquent amount.

House foreclosure sale or Trustee Sale

The Trustee will schedule the actual day of the house foreclosure sale. They may notify the home owner of the date by mail or a notice taped to their house front door. The foreclosure sale may also be advertised in a local newspaper. Home owners may have until the date of sale to pay the delinquent amount or make arrangements with the lender. Before the date of sale, we may still be able to help homeowners void the foreclosure and save their house.

When do home owners get in touch with us?

Home owners can get in touch with us anytime, but we recommend calling us once they receive their “Demand Letter”. Better yet, they can use the “Test Your House Foreclosure Risk” above. If they didn’t do well on that test, it is the right time to call us. This is because the earlier home owners start addressing the issues, the easier it will be to resolve. Don’t wait until the last minute. It may be too late then. 

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