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Home sellers - This Guide for Faster home sale is handy

Home sellers looking to sell their home would want to read this guide for faster home sale first. Selling a home is not just placing a for sale sign in front of the yard. It is more than that. Before you start marketing your house for sale, there are certain preliminary steps that need to be taken care of. If you want to sell your home faster and for higher net profit, the following guidelines  may help you:

Home sellers Marketing their Home

The condition of a house is one of the most important things a homeowner can control when selling the house. A crucial part of marketing a home for sale is the presentation of the home to potential buyers. To effectively compete with other home sellers, homeowners must present their home to the market in an attractive and desirable condition. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), an average home buyer looks at eighteen homes before buying a home. Buyers always look for homes with good condition and best price.

Home sellers - Think like home buyers

In order to sell their home faster and for higher net profit, home sellers must think like home buyers. As a homeowner, when you purchased this home, you were thinking like a home buyer and probably shopped around. You looked for a house in good condition and a better deal. Today, you are selling and home buyers are doing the same thing. You are now on the other side of the table. So, put yourself in the buyer’s position. They came to your house because they are looking for the right home. Don’t make them go away. Make them feel that this is the best house for them.

Make home sellers repair & update list

It is suggested that home sellers first make a list of all needed repairs and upgrades. This is done by walking through the inside and outside of the house, with pen and paper. Look at the house from a buyer’s point of view. Is there anything needing repair? Is any part of the house old fashioned and need to be updated? Write down the items. You will consider to repair or upgrade them in order to sell the house fast and for more money.

What made you buy this house?

Think back to the first time you stepped into this house before you bought it. Do you remember what made you choose it? If you remember the features or items that made you buy this house, those should be among the items enhance.

For faster home sale, Fix Everything before marketing the House

As your house stays longer on the market, prospective buyers start suspecting that something is wrong with the house. When buyers think that way, they will end up making low offers. This may result in selling the house for less. It is better to avoid this situation and ensure faster home sale. Therefore, home sellers should complete all repairs and improvements before putting their house on the market.

Hire a real estate agent for faster home sale

It is recommended that home sellers hire a real estate agent or realtor to help them in this process. Realtors are trained to handle real estate transactions and related matters. Don’t do it alone. You will need a professional. Remember that one tiny mistake can cost you thousands of dollars or possibly land you in court. Your agent can also use this Faster Home Sale Guide. Read about why home sellers should hire realtors.

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Areas of the house Home sellers to focus on

When selling their houses, home sellers are advised to focus on the areas discussed below, for repairs and upgrades. 


Home sellers should check the exterior of the house for any maintenance issues just as a buyer would see it. Repaint or touch up as necessary. Don’t let the exterior turn buyers off.


Make sure the yard is neatly mowed, edged, and raked. Trim trees and prune shrubbery. Consider adding seasonal flowers along the walks.


The surface of your driveway should be clean and without cracks. This is one of the first things a buyer will see on drive up.

Front entry

Make sure your front entry flooring is clean. Put a small rug to protect the area during showing.

Living areas

Sweep and clean the fireplace. Remove excess furniture to improve traffic flow. Make sure windows and window blinds or curtains are up to date, clean, and sharp.

Dining room

Remove any extra chairs. Arrange the table to be attractive. If dining table is not easy to move around, pace it against the wall.


Kitchen is the main area of the house most buyers focus on and closely scrutinize. So, home sellers should pay particular attention to it. Remove small appliances and other items from the counter top. Clear off cabinets, drawers and other areas.

Laundry room

Remove all dirty laundry. Clean the washer and dryer, laundry floor and around the washer and dryer. Clean and organize laundry cabinets or closets.


If your home is two-story, make sure the stairs are well lighted, free from clutter, and safe. If the stars have runners, make sure they are securely tacked and stair rails tight and secure.


Large master bedrooms are popular among home buyers. Try to make the room look larger by painting it a light color. Provide adequate lighting in the closets. Remove any items from the floor to make the closet look more spacious.


Take the time to prepare your bathrooms. Most buyers inspect and scrutinize bathrooms. So make sure yours is well cleaned, with adequate lighting. Clean all the cabinets and remove all items from there.

Car Garage

Clean, sweep and wash the garage floor to remove dirt and stains. Organize tools, bikes, and lawn equipment. Make sure your garage has adequate lighting. Remove your car so that the area will look larger.


Clean the attic and remove unnecessary items. Be sure the lighting is bright. If you reach your attic by folding set ladder, be sure it is functioning properly and quiet.

Heating & Air conditioning system

Service your heating and air conditioning system, water heater, etc to ensure they operate properly. Replace air filters, and smoke detector batteries.

Seller disclosure notices

The State of Texas requires home sellers to complete the Seller Disclosure Notices when selling their homes. It is a good idea to review this disclosure notice to ensure you cover all the items on the form. It is always less expensive to repair items before putting the house on the market than after home inspection. This is because doing repairs after inspection requires a licensed professional, and that increases the cost of the repairs.

Start marketing your house

When home sellers complete the above listed items and steps, they and their agent can then start marketing the house. The items on this faster home sale guide don't have to be performed as listed. They can be performed in any order.

Selling a home in Texas - from preparation to closing

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