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The key to your satisfaction in buying or selling your house could depend on working with the right real estate agent. I have worked with many home buyers and sellers with unique needs and situations. My goal is always ensuring that my clients’ experience in buying or selling their home meets or exceeds their expectations. Some of the benefits of working with me to buy or sell your house include: 

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Custom need analysis

My first step in helping my clients is performing seller or buyer need analysis of their particular situations. For sellers, I evaluate the home to be sold to determine how best to meet seller’s goal. I also find out my client’s expectations. This information helps me to understand how to help them for their maximum benefits.

help buyers Find homes

I help home buyers find their dream homes by focusing on their interests and needs. My goal is helping them find their perfect home in a reasonable time frame.

Help sellers market their Homes

Helping home sellers market and sell their homes is a big deal for me. This is because they’ll be able to sell their homes faster, and with desired or better than desired net.

Guide clients in buying or selling

One of my duties as a realtor is to guide clients in the right direction. This includes help in setting sale price or purchase price.

Screen potential buyers

Help home sellers screen potential buyers to keep out unqualified buyers who can waste their time.

Negotiate contracts

Most real estate contract terms are negotiable. I zero-in on those negotiable items, such as prices and seller-needed repairs, to get my clients the better deal possible.

Coordinate activities

Sometimes buyers or sellers may need repairs done before buying or selling their house. Home inspection or appraisal may be required. I help coordinate such activities. From my experience, this has always made buyer and seller happy, ensured smooth process, and hassle-free closing.

Present at closing

One tiny mistake could create a huge problem, or cost seller or buyer lots of money. I’m always
present at closing and ready to help with any situation that may come up. I also help coordinate closing and make sure my clients are on the right track and have happy closing.

Compare prices

Whether buying or selling a house, price is always one of the main factors in decision making. I help compare and guide clients in purchase or listing prices to determine the competitive price for their home.

Source of information

Buyers and sellers need information and data to allow them make a decision. I help as their source of information or point them in the right direction as needed.

Work closely with clients

It is part of me to work closely with my clients towards the best outcome for their unique

Trusted and committed

The interests of my clients come first. I serve as their trusted and committed ally who helps negotiate on their behalf to protect their interests. Guided by the canons of professional ethics, I serve with integrity, truthfulness and respect at all times.

Home listing visibility

I help ensure seller’s home listing is visible to as many potential buyers as possible, for best selling price.

Review Offers

For home sellers, reviewing and accepting offers require special attention. It is not just selecting the highest price. Other contract terms must be reviewed and analyzed also. Some sellers will need help in navigating this aspect of the selling process. Part of my duty is to help my clients review their offers and contract details to maximize their net profits. I also help in reviewing other documents like inspection and appraisal reports, and resolve transaction issues as they arise.

Managing offers

Handling multiple offers is challenging, and most home sellers usually become overwhelmed by it.
Just like in reviewing offers, I help sellers manage and sort through multiple offers so they can select the offer best for them.


I maintain consistent communication in the manner and frequency my clients prefer.

Time management

Home sellers can get overwhelmed selling their homes by themselves. I help schedule home showings, giving them one less thing to worry about.

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