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What home Sellers and buyers want

Home sellers want to sell their home at the highest possible price. Home buyers want to buy the home they like for the lowest possible price. But selling high or buying low is not all that sellers and buyers want from their real estate agent.

To serve their clients better and provide adequate services, agents must understand the wants and needs of their clients. This understanding increases the chances of successful transaction closing and client relationships, thereby producing happy clients.

Survey by the National Association of Realtors shows the things that are important to home sellers and buyers. Below are some of the things they say they want and expect from their agents.

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Trust, Honesty and Integrity

Home sellers and buyers want their agent to truthfully and honestly advise them on their real estate needs and transactions. They expect to be guided with professionalism, full disclosure and transparency about every document and issues at all times.

Partner and Ally

Home sellers and buyers expect their agents to be their ally and protect their interests. They want agent who can represent them and reliably work on their behalf through the process. This is essential for a successful transaction and happy, problem-free closing.

Experience & Knowledge

Knowledge of real estate transaction is important to home sellers and buyers. They expect and value a realtor with the experience, knowledge and understanding of the home buying and selling process. Agents should also be familiar with the neighborhood where their client is buying or selling.

Agent's Availability and Responsiveness

House sellers and buyers expect their realtor to be available, accessible, and able to respond to them on time. This shows them that the realtor is dedicated and working for them, thereby helping them build confidence and trust.


In any real estate transaction, it is important that all parties be on the same page at all times. Home sellers and buyers want and value real estate agents who understand and practices good communication. They want agent who will keep them informed and up to date regularly. This includes updates on status of their transactions, any issues, and changes or delays in the process that comes up.

Negotiating Skills

Home sellers want to sell their home fast and for the highest price possible, with the best contract terms. Buyers need help finding their ideal home for the lowest price possible. Sellers and buyers want agents who can negotiate on their behalf, for a better deal. Experienced agents analyze the house to be sold or purchased, and advise their client appropriately. This includes advice and negotiation on offers, list prices, inspection repairs, appraisals, and other contract terms.

Source of information to home sellers and buyers

Home sellers and buyers need information that will help them make decisions in selling or buying their homes. They expect and rely on their agent to provide such information. Service providers, lenders, and schools are some of the information they may need to help them in making decisions. They want realtors who will be able to provide the information they need, or direct them where to get it.

Attention to details

Home buyers and sellers want a detail-oriented agent with attention to details skill, who can verify documents and other issues. Contract terms and documents need to be verified for accuracy and requirements. Agent should ensure that all loose ends of the transaction are tied and finalized, for a smooth and happy closing.


When it comes to what home sellers and buyers want from their agents, one thing becomes clear. They both want the same things from their agents. Even though their goals or end results may be different, they want the same things to accomplish their goals. It is interesting to see how both groups of clients want the same qualities from their agents but to accomplish different goals. This means that the agent must be able to “wear different hats” to satisfy each client.

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